I am an artist. I am a recycler. I have a passion for recycling and repurposing what others view as trash. I have been going to my family's lake property since I was a small child. The property has been in my family since the 1950's. The family and others would dispose of their trash in the back woods of the land. I discovered this trash pile or treasure site as a teenager. I have been colllectiong old bottles, metal cans and toy parts for years. Why?, people would ask. I knew that I could do something with them one day. So, after some research and thought I discovered I could create art. I began seeing metal cans as fins or eyes. I started making fish and owls. The bottle caps became my ink and I colored the fish and owls with them. When I showed them to a few friends they encouraged me to apply to an art show. That is how my artist career started. I am now making custom made items as well as the old faithfuls. Please, recycle,reuse or repurpose